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The Issues that Matter to PA-12

From reproductive justice to climate action and affordable healthcare — Bhavini Patel is committed to fighting for our shared priorities in Congress.

Building a Strong Economy

In Congress, I will be an ally to President Biden to help create good-paying union jobs in the district and ensure that we facilitate a business-friendly environment. I will be an advocate for women and minority owned businesses.

Public Safety

Public safety is about balancing proven methods that work to prevent crime — not defunding or militarizing police.

Protecting Seniors

Our senior citizens have worked hard all their lives, and they deserve our respect and the social security benefits they’ve earned.

Reproductive Justice 

The ability to control our own bodies, gender identity and reproductive health is a fundamental human right. One that I will fight fiercely to protect in Congress. 

Working Families

Strong unions benefit all of us by improving overall quality of life. I’ve seen how union workers push for better safety guidelines in the workplace and lead the fight for effective government oversight to protect working Americans.

LBGTQ+ Rights

Everyone deserves to feel safe and welcome in our community. I will be an ally in Congress to all LGBTQ Americans.

Preventing Gun Violence

 In Congress, I’ll do whatever I can to reduce and prevent senseless and tragic acts of gun violence.

Access to Affordable Healthcare

Every American deserves access to affordable healthcare and in Congress I will stand up to greedy pharmaceutical companies and work to lower drug prices and the cost of insurance.

Quality Education

Every student deserves a high quality education regardless of zip code. In Congress, I'll fight to make sure students have access to the tools they need to succeed.

Immigration Reform

As the daughter of an immigrant family, I know that our country is better off when we welcome our neighbors and foster a melting pot community that is welcoming to all.

Tackling Climate Change

We must make it easier for everyone to make better choices when it comes to impacts on the environment. Tax incentives for electric cars that a choice few can afford is only a small part of the equation.